Blog Banner for post, Why Carol Aebersold Shattered Our Christmas and How to fix it: An on-the-shelf satire, by Jeff Syblik.
Blog Banner for post, Why Carol Aebersold Shattered Our Christmas and How to fix it: An on-the-shelf satire, by Jeff Syblik.
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Why Carol Aebersold Shattered Our Christmas and How to Fix it: An on-the-shelf satire

Whoever invented the Elf on the Shelf is a genius, but also a parental tormentor. Parents are busy people. There’s no room for Santa’s frail, individualized snitch. Everyone knows he must move every night, or the gig ends.

Read on to find out how Carol’s elven magic shattered our Christmas. Then, stick around for some comical and practical solutions.

Evidence Please!

Carol Aebersold’s net worth is six million dollars!

Parents, this woman’s infamous elf is not your friend. Curse her and her Elf on the Shelf accessories. A wolf in cotton-ball designer clothing, Aebersold waits to steal your Santa dreams away. Why…

8 Overlooked Ingredients in Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Chicken Soup for the Soul series captures magic and emotion in their true stories. Photo by author.

Formula-based writing can net over $100 million per year in the U.S. Yet, this is not the only reason Chicken Soup should stir your interest.

Our society craves ladles of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Over twenty years later, reader buy-in is still strong. This is odd because each new volume rivals the predictability of a hit Marvel movie. Readers follow their typical plot structure without complaint.


Look. There’s a plan behind the punch.

  • Write linear (no flashbacks).
  • Tell a before and after conversion story.
  • Focus on lessons learned from an author’s experiences.
  • Notice the I to we pronoun…

Screenshot of picture-list of finished books on Facebook.

“You read that much!”

A shocked, Black-American, teenager lifted his eyebrows. He ran his fingers down the smartphone’s electronic screen. His jaw dropped, scanning the many book titles on his teacher’s social media profile.

“I’ve never read one book in my life.”

This nineteen-year-old seemed to be speaking for the whole class. The class shook their heads as they talked about how little they read.

Surprisingly, literacy is not a problem of only poor populations. Well off families may not have healthy role models for practicing literacy either. Consistent reading has lost its value. …

Sometimes sex energy gets trapped from expression. What do you do? Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

“I’m sorry,” she says, getting out of the shower, “I’m just not in the mood.”

It’s so frustrating. It’s like you’re completely opposite. The stress of uncertain times makes you want to escape.

But she’s lost in a world of worry and bills.

Is this lack of desire more than the pandemic?

You dig for clues.

Your suspicions are correct. Look at that. Women in their forties would rather sleep than have sex.

Nice. Where will all this pent-up energy flow?

Keep reading. Find out how to turn this rejection into an opportunity for creative expansion.

1. Self-reflect and Heal

Look at the facts…

Picture of batman action figure chest plate. Photo by Jeff Syblik

If you ask about heroes, some think of firefighters. Others consider policemen or policewomen. Even more, recall our military. Recently, fighting the Coronavirus doctors, nurses and medical staff are on our minds. I am grateful for each of these brave individuals. But heroes bring two tribes to my memory.

As you’ve guessed, my heroes often work unseen.

Teachers are my heroes.

Creatives are my heroes.

Heroes and Foes

Some question my choice. But teachers and creatives move through an exhausting up and down cycle. This progression includes a seesaw of emotions from creation to presentation.

Then, unprepared for disapproval, creatives and teachers often…

Jeff Syblik

Jeff is a content writer/aspiring copywriter who gives a refreshing voice to the topics of career reinvention, creativity, teaching, mental health, and more.

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